Our Technology

Why are we different?

The key to Coomtech technology is the separation of treatments for the surface moisture versus the inherent moistures captured within.

The energy-efficient, flexible, Coomtech process can demonstrate effective treatment of coals and biomass or be configured to treat a pre-blended mix achieving improved homogenous co-firing fuels.

What are the key benefits of Coomtech technology?

  • Global application of Coomtech’s alternative technology is potentially set to save up to 5bn tonnes of CO2 per annum.
  • It can be rolled out faster than any equivalent renewable energy plant with greater beneficial impact.
  • It avoids the costly application of external heat and associated expenses and emissions.
  • It can use the finished dried product without further treatment.
  • In SMR, it reduces coal moisture such that significant improvement in combustion efficiency occurs since less energy is required to achieve ignition temperature. Less moisture in the combustion chamber means a cleaner burn and lower emissions.
  • Its ability to control process enables specific moisture content to be achieved to meet boiler specifications.
  • Ash deposition and flow deposition on boiler walls can be reduced due to lower moisture content enabling higher temperatures in the furnace. Optimised boiler operations mean improved maintenance and op-ex costs achieving longer running, more efficient power generation.