Our Technology

Why are we different?

The key to Coomtech technology is the separation of treatments for the surface moisture versus the inherent moistures captured within.

Coomtech's patented technology is developed in the UK with global application.

What are the key benefits of Coomtech technology?

Global application of Coomtech’s alternative technology is potentially set to save up to 5bn tonnes of CO2 per annum. Coomtech can also save up to 75% of the Megawatts of energy used in dying materials globally every year.

It is modular and can be rolled out faster than any equivalent renewable energy plant with greater beneficial impact. It is physically and thermally gentle upon the product it processes.

It is modular and can be rolled out and scaled up to suite the demand of a users business. It can be demountable for mobility over it's lifetime.

Its ability to control process enables specific moisture content to be achieved to meet boiler specifications.