Ash Drying Technology

Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) is the fine ash produced from powdered coal during the combustion process used at coal-fired power stations.

When coal is burned, the fine ash is carried out with the flue gas. This passes through electrostatic precipitators that remove these fine particles as Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA).

PFA is then collected in silos where it is either sold dry - for use in concrete - or moistened (called ‘conditioning’) for applications such as filler, grouts or for stockpiling.

Coomtech is drying recovered, coal power-station-conditioned, PFA using SMR only.

Working with major UK power generators and industrial companies, Coomtech’s technique is achieving highly successful moisture reduction. PFA is being taken from circa 20% to industry requirements of below 3% and at substantially lower costs than traditional, thermal drying methods.

The market for dried PFA in the UK and internationally is substantial. Primarily sold into the construction industry for the manufacture of building products such as cement, PFA is also used in power stations as a mitigant in biomass burn.

Successful drying trials have also been conducted on other ‘waste streams’ of recovered and recycled materials which can be used for bulking and fillers in these industries.