Our Vision and Mission

Coomtech's mission is to revolutionise the bulk-solids drying industry. We will do this by driving down CO₂ emissions (by up to 80%) resulting from our unique patented technology which requires as little as 25% of the energy used by industry standard, inefficient thermal driers.

The Coomtech Story

Coomtech continues to optimise our radically new approach to drying, making it a modular, accessible, cost effective option for a wide range of industries.

Our Values

Integrity: We are open and trustworthy and always do the right thing!
Pioneering: We are leading the way with sustainable solutions for the energy industry, respecting our environment.
Passion: We are passionate about what we do and proud of what we can achieve
Results: We set the bar high and take ownership
Safety: We never compromise on safety standards

About Us

Coomtech Limited, a UK company, has developed a ground-breaking, clean, low-cost technology for drying and upgrading bulk-solid materials.

Focussing initially on the construction and renewable energy industries, opportunities exist in minerals, refined manufacturing materials, industrial waste streams fuels. Global demand for materials continues to rise in all these sectors growing a potential addressable tonnage in excess of 15 billions of tonnes processed annually.

Coomtech has developed the only sustainable drying technology which offers a significant environmental impact and commercial viability in some of these markets. For example, the newly developing recovery of pulverised fuel ash for cement making from old coal fired power stations stockpiles driven by the closure of those stations no longer creating cement replacement materials. Coomtech supports the greening of the cement industry (second largest emitter of a global industry) while also aiding the coal fired power industry to clean up long standing, waste residues.

By moving away from traditional drying methods, Coomtech’s patented drying process has a uniquely, low, controllable, energy requirement. The commercial and environmental benefits are significant and far outweigh capital and operating costs.

Surface Moisture Removal and Inherent Moisture Removal

The Coomtech technology will treat any inorganic materials such as sands, salt, minerals and other granular or powdered materials. The Coomtech drying technology platform consists of three separate processes' of which Surface Moisture Removal is at market.

We are a simple retrofit or new build technology addition to existing processes requiring dried products.

Our modular SMR System as seen below is a simple "drop-in" to a process line made up of well proven off the shelf components and itself has no moving parts.

The commercial and environmental benefits are significant and cost-justify capital and operating costs.

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