Our Vision and Mission

Coomtech's mission is to lead global growth in the use of clean and cost-effective use of low rank coals by introducing ground-breaking, low cost drying technologies, relieving the pressure on the world’s reserves of traditional (circa 6,000Kcal/kg) power generation coal and biomass fuels (renewable classification).

The Coomtech Story

Coomtech is in business to optimise the world’s reserves of low rank coal and biomass fuels by using ground-breaking, drying technologies to make them cost-effective.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We are open and trustworthy and always do the right thing!
  • Pioneering: We are leading the way with sustainable solutions for the energy industry, respecting our environment.
  • Passion: We are passionate about what we do and proud of what we can achieve
  • Results: We set the bar high and take ownership
  • Safety: We never compromise on safety standards

About Us

Coomtech Limited, a UK company, has developed a ground-breaking, clean, low-cost technology for drying and upgrading coal and biomass. As the global demand for energy continues to rise so does the need for sustainable methods of burning both coal and biomass.

Global coal demand is projected to increase from 8bn tonnes to 10-15bn tonnes per annum by 2050, primarily driven by ongoing growth in coal-fired power generation in the Far East and Africa. While global demand is projected to decrease from 40% to around 30%, demand for coal-fired power in the Far East and Africa, led by India and China, will continue to increase in the next 30 years.

But as the scarcity of high-grade coal increases, the extraction and sale of the lower grade sub-bituminous and lignite coals are presenting an attractive alternative.

Coomtech has developed the only sustainable drying technology which offers a significant environmental impact and commercial viability in burning the lower grade coals and biomass on an industrial scale.

  • It increases the heat or calorific value of both fuels by up to 43%.
  • It enhances generating plant efficiency.
  • It significantly decreases CO2 emissions by up to 15%.
  • It can stabilize coals and biomass susceptible to self-combustion and reduce moisture re-absorption.

By moving away from traditional drying methods, Coomtech’s patented drying process has a uniquely, low, controllable, energy requirement. The commercial and environmental benefits are significant and far outweigh capital and operating costs.

The key targets for this drying process are most low rank coals (LRCs), high-moisture, bituminous coals and biomass.

Surface Moisture Removal and Inherent Moisture Removal

The Coomtech technology also treats any organic and inorganic materials such as sands, salt, minerals and other granular or powdered materials. This drying technology consists of two separate processes.

The commercial and environmental benefits are significant and cost-justify capital and operating costs. The drying process can add value up to 2.5 times the treatment cost and is much less than the CAPEX and OPEX of most other competing technologies.

With current global lignite production at around 1.2 billion MTPA and growing and the use of biomass increasing dramatically worldwide, Coomtech’s drying technology offers significant financial benefits to coal and biomass producers and power generators worldwide.

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